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Some time ago, back in the days of Classic World of Warcraft, I took to singing in guild Ventrilo.

I'd joined a guild called <Rising Anarchy>, with a 40-man raid team led by the dauntless Omega (props to this guy, if you have any idea how much work it is forging so many people into cohesion). If you weren't around in Classic, there was often a lot of time to kill between RaidBoss attempts. Yup, back when you could spend weeks, a month or two gearing and mastering a new Boss challenge. Princess Huhuran, anybody? Holy gods, the wipes, the WIPES.

Hell, even Nef (BWL) had a 10-minute reset. (or was it 15?)

So, during the 'downtime', we would yabber on Vent... or sing, even. One week I was feeling creative and presented 'The Pally DPS Song', on the way to spank Onyxia. Somebody said 'Make a gnome song!', and consequently I found myself playing 'No Place Like Gnome' a week or three later while on a run back to AQ40 (thanks for letting me /follow, you guys!). Ah, halycon days!

I had to give up progressive raiding (RealLife™, you know), and left <Rising Anarchy> to play with friends I'd made in <Relic>, created from the cruciable of the indelible AltMC raid days (casual, often drunken Molten Core runs). I'm still with <Relic> to this day - celebrating the guild's 4-year birthday, and wondering where all the time has gone.

I kept writing silly WoW-songs, and (so far) made about half of them into movies, as you can see below. Thanks to my friends, Blizzard and the WoW community at large, I don't think I'll ever run out of material.

You can of course find all of these on YouTube. I've listed them here in reverse-chronological order anyway.

* * * *

Burn the World


*Construction: Burn the World Blurb*


Happy Patch Day


*Construction: Happy Patch Day Blurb*


Sentinel Hill


*Construction: Sentinel Hill Blurb*


No Place Like Gnome


*Construction: No Place Like Gnome Blurb*


Exodar Disco


*Construction: Exodar Disco Blurb*


Scarlet Toy


*Construction: Scarlet Toy Blurb*


Spacebar Clown


*Construction: Spacebar Clown Blurb*


The Pally DPS Song


*Construction: The Pally DPS Song Blurb*

Thanks for watching!