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March-June 2012

Oh the plans I have. Or should have, if I wasn't so busy with all that 'other' stuff. I've got two songs waiting for movies, no - make that three. I'm hoping for a July release, so stay tuned. On another note, I've been having an absolute blast at university studying more digital music technology. I've also been playing Diablo 3...

January-February 2012

Back in early December (2011), I had a most peculiar dream – of Deathwing facing off with Thrall, the latter accompanied by whoever could manage to drag themselves away from Darkmoon Faire.
I woke up laughing - at the stupidity of it all, and at myself for playing WoW to a point where this actually happened. I've tried to replicate the overall plot of the dream as best as I could, and the stupid song is par for the course.

This was originally intended to be a Christmas piece – but I figured I'd take my time... and then I went and broke a bone in my right hand in January (it was a close fight, but gravity won), so I had to take it sloooow.


September-December 2012

Aaaah, Brunhila - how awesome it is to collaborate with singers of such calibre. There aren't enough World of Warcraft songs about druids... so... challenge accepted!


July-August 2011

What happens when the target of your affections becomes a quest NPC? Let's find out!


This song's oldschool - it was written during classic WoW - so there's a few anachronisms there. Like the Mekchopper, but it was fun!

Spacebar Clown Album Cover


Like yourself some podcast? Some gaming news? Random swearing? My good friends on the GKick network do all that!

You can find them at

(they're also on twitter)

One day, I hope to join them for a podcast. It's rather unfortunate sometimes that I live on the other side of the world!

So, what's next? Well, I'm currently trying to finish a small soundtrack for GKick, hoping to not screw up a duet song-cover with Sharm,
and contemplating a video for Blizzcon. On top of this I'm hanging out to collab something with Brunhila. (Oh yes)

I've also just treated myself to a new Rode K2 mic, so fun times await. I've got a fair amount of musical pieces in the work,
which I might reveal to you all one day ... or not!

Life is good!



May-June 2011

Spacebar Clown Album Cover


It's taken a LOT longer than I first anticipated, but it's done at last. Spacebar Clown is now available for download. It's got 11 tracks, including two songs which I haven't machinimated yet (but will!)

From –

It's also available at iTunes, Amazon, et al - but I have no control over the prices there, so shop around! (I doubt you'll find it lower than CDBaby)

And a huge thanks to everyone's who's bought a copy, your support is really appreciated. Without YOU - a crucial part of the network telling other people about my songs, I'd have nothing. I won't forget that.

April 2011

College/University is a lot of fun so far – words can't describe what it's like to share a room with so many people and a favourite, common interest. Stay tuned, I'm really looking forward to see what comes of it.

Here's my April movie, Archaeology, I hope you enjoy – it's a little mellow I suppose, but some songs just write themselves that way :P


There's a mountain of movie/song/stuff on my to-do list, my queue list... I have a piece with Sharm's beautiful vocals, yet I still can't fix the actual song! There needs to be more hours in the day, there really does.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope your year is also going well,



February-March 2011

I'm back! New year is always a busy time for me, but now I can get back to making music, and WoW movies! I'm also decided to spend some time at College/University this year, studying Digital Music Technology, hoping I can pick up some leet skills to make my songs better.

In fact, here's me chillin' with Daftpunk. Well not really, but photoshop is fun, isn't it? One must dream of greatness to achieve it. The rest of the pics I threw into random stuff.


While I've been away, I see there's been a creative *storm* of new talent – and returning talent – to wow-based machinima. I promise to update the links page soon with some of the emerging talent out there. All the usual suspects are still making magic of course!

I've got a lot of songs in the pipeline, but I'm also frantically trying to learn more and get the (already completed) songs mastered. What to do!


January 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

Dead and Loving it is now Live on YouTube. I'd like to deliver a huge 'Thank You!' to Emberisolte and Bullworth for providing me with stellar vocals.
I had so much fun making the clip, although I'm rather exhausted right now. Enjoy!


I wish you all the best for 2011, and thanks again for watching or subscribing, it means a lot to me.



Dec 2010

Back from holidays, and have started production on the next clip, which hopefully will be out by the end of the year! Expect vocals from Emberisolte, and voice-acting from Bullworth ... I can't wait (but sadly, have to).

Meanwhile, I'd like to promote Fire Mage Radio [FMR] which launched this month "with the soul intentions of being a World of Warcraft related online radio station." I wish them the very best of luck, what a great idea!


Here's some Happy Patch Day from the songs & videos page while I er, play Cataclysm instead of finishing the vid :)